Tuesday, 8 October 2013

They Called Her Ivy Witch...

They called her Ivy Witch or Know-All-Hands. They brought her to them when death was near. She held all the good intentions of the wild grasses in her palms. 

A lovely side-effect of running this place is finding out where images I'd collected have come from and accidentally finding some great websites to peruse. Somewhat distracting really, so I'm having to be strict with myself and save a proper delve into them for a later date. I came across the image above via Morbid Anatomy which is such a treasure trove of the sort of haunting and melancholic things I like (so I reckon I may have to set aside an entire day for getting myself lost in it). They even have their own museum and library in New York, which has headed straight to the top of my Things To See And Do list. Considering I'm miles away it might have to be filed under Three to Five Year Plan though, alas. There's a museum here in Sheffield that runs along a similar vein, The Alfred Denny Museum, which consists of animal specimens in (what can only be described as) a hyper-Victoriana setting. Deliciously gruesome.

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