Friday, 4 October 2013

Once Upon A Time...

"Do you see the shimmer of the rainbow, which unites earth to heaven?" So there has been a bridge built between this world and the next. Through the night of the grave we gaze upwards beyond the stars to the end of all things. Then we glance at the pearl of Sorrow, in which are concealed the wings which carry us away to eternal happiness.

So I had this idea. I'm addicted to pinterest and collect inspirational images as trigger points to help me write stories that tie into my work for Vertiline In Love. So why not put them to some kind of real use and create a project with them? The plan of action is to post up an image I've come across along with a sentence or paragraph of writing to go along with them. What a great way to get me back into the habit of writing every day, and with any luck I'll build up a collection of story snippets that I can work into larger pieces at some later date. My work is heavily influenced by fairy tales, so all the images will be in that sort of vein.

I'd love it if others fancied getting involved in this little writing exercise so feel free to join in and share your own story or poetry scribblings with me. And of course if you happen to find any great images that team with our kind of theme I'd love it if you sent them my way so I can share them with everyone. 

Consider yourself forewarned - I may go off-piste at times and use this as a bit of a scrapbook for research, notes or to highlight lovely but forgotten fairy tales I find, I guess the world is our oyster! Now to live happily ever after...!

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