Saturday, 5 October 2013

Adorning The Path...

Adorning the path were sweet crimson leaves, their dry colours warming the air. The delicate thread of their now dead veins shone out to the Moon; they sang their life back to her, showing her their story, asking her to send the light to them. They wished for a new life, to return to the ground as a treasure of pearls. 

Some more thoughts about this blog affair. It's definitely about quantity over quality. Just get the brain ticking over and writing.... even if it doesn't make complete sense or, upon reflection, sounds staid or obvious. Tweaking is for later on - this is about just getting into the habit of writing and exercising the mind. Just a small amount of exercise each day and suddenly you realise that your mind finds it easier to grasp more unusual words from it's depths or is a little more agile when it comes to phrasing something. A lot of these scribblings may be rather rubbish but with any luck some nuggets of gold might end up hidden in amongst them. That's the hope anyway.

I was inspired by reading some of the articles around nanowrimo, it's so much about just getting the words down on paper instead of hacking everything to death in your mind first and effectively never getting anything written down. It's quite amazing how letting your mind wander where it wants on the page seems to free things up - it's like you get rid of the psychic baggage you're constantly rehashing and suddenly there's lots of room for NEW ideas to take form. You can't help but be scared that maybe nothing else will show up if you've effectively downloaded what you have already (don't know if you find this, but I do tend to keep things locked up in my mind without realising it, or wanting to let it go), but often brainstorming or noting something down on paper just helps move things along. It's sort of like freeing up RAM - bang! Suddenly everything works more smoothly and you really do have a lot more space in there for new forms to take shape. I know I didn't realise it... but I'm certainly noticing it now.

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