Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Waves Tumbled Toward The Shore...

Waves tumbled toward the shore, their foam crumbling like broken chalk. In the distance, the shrinking shadows of sails dropped over the edge of the world. The day was in its simple beginnings, awaking in a creamy haze that tenderly swept away the last dregs of a grey dawn. At the border of the this water world sat a woman, her body sanded fine by every-weather, and the days she spent rolling in amongst the tides. Here she sat rested, dry for the merest moment, surveying her liquid kingdom and reading its secrets. A shadow crossed her and her mind resurfaced. She reclined and observed the playful, cloudy light whilst her lace cap sent its ribbons streaming, licking her face as softly as spray. She bathed in the light, drawing down its lustre, and encased it in her heart-shell, there to burn throughout the day as she dived between the cool currents.

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