Wednesday, 31 January 2018

They Were Gone...

They were gone, and the house had been quiet for days. With all small amusements to be found below stairs soon exhausted, Ellette began to reacquaint herself with the crevices of the house. It wasn't long before she found her way into the tiny attic antechamber, with its kaleidoscope of walls and patchwork windows. 

The corner alcove had somehow been fitted with shelves, all of which were bedecked with abandoned precious treasures. Feathers and stones, wilting under dust and their long, motionless existence made the most part, and all were carefully arranged around the jewel: a full-skirted figurine that concealed a tiny set of jewellery drawers. They rattled open to reveal their dull white gems, tiny teeth that collapsed to powder when her fingertips alighted on them. She gasped, the fine grains were turning golden, and rising, filling the air with a glitter of sunlight. But a sudden gust, a pane was broken, she flung out her hands but too late - it was lost to the winds.

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