Wednesday, 1 August 2018

The Snowbells Ring Throughout The Endless Night...

The snowbells ring throughout the endless night. Shaking their stark, blistering white light across the frozen fields, these little bell-flowers help light the way for the night travellers who search out for spring's new song. When the south starts to warm, after the deepest chill of winter, the land exhales a wistful air that sends itself reeling towards any remaining cold and ice, its determination gathering speed as it melts all in its path. The north feels it coming, and the brave flowers that found their way out of the snowbanks reverberate and buzz with pleasure. They call out again and again to the wild, warming winds. Those that travel after them delight to see the snow fracturing on their path. Green fingers rise sharply from the clods to greet them, and they dance together as the world around them brightens.

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