Thursday, 5 December 2013

They Swung About...

They swung about with an endless gaiety, the tenants of the trees, their scarlet and storm blue feathers flashing in amongst the sleeping branches and dull warmth of the evergreens. They began to sing, a full and lusty song against the sharp winter. They had defied its bleak embrace, up here above the brittle ground, with clusters of jewel berries sustaining their song.

Oops, things went rather quiet for a while there - and probably won't quite return to full force until after Christmas (tis rather frantic working in retail in December!). Was away for a few days & under the weather to boot but hey ho - onwards & upwards! I had a crack at NaNoWriMo during November - didn't quite make the full 50k what with being away and other stuff but managed a fair amount considering (maybe a dose of delirium thanks to ill health helps?!), it was quite a lesson in suspending the need to perfect & edit, but also on how to make a story move along at a goodly pace. So glad I had the chance to give it a go, it's completely changed how I'll go about my work in future and it's so thrilling to have a substantial piece of work that I can refine and work on next year. 

The last few months have been very strange - quite stressful as I've had to completely rethink how to run my business in relation to my health which has severely and worryingly affected how much I can do at the moment, but this little relief of writing odd stories when I'm knackered and can't really get off the sofa, or be very coherent at anything else, is such an odd sort of blessing/lifeline. Looking forward to a calmer next year *touches all the wood in the room!*

PS. It's worth clicking that image source link up there - it goes straight to a very charming ebook.

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