Sunday, 10 November 2013

She Lifted The Sea...

She lifted the sea. The waves tumbled through her fingers, their foam fizzing gently at her touch. Under the watery veil the seabed glinted faintly, the tiny discarded shells were scattered all around, their hollow hearts now empty homes of sadness.

Have lost quite a bit of time lately thanks to some frustrating ill health, ah well. I'd hoped to chatter a bit more here during the past few of weeks but writing a few story sentences was a far as I ever seemed to get. Bizarrely, writing little story snippets is one thing I can actually do when I've got migraine things going on, possibly because I use a different part of my brain to concoct them?! Who knows!

Had some extra health nonsense messing me about the last few days, hence the extra quietness, but with any luck normal service will now resume! *cross fingers*

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